TRAK Pilot Summit 2018 - Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Join your TRAK colleagues in an amazing inland SK location for training, development, and FUN!

TRAK Kayaks is hosting the first annual TRAK Pilot summit at the Apostle Island National Lakeshore from June 28th - July 1st. Located off of the Bayfield peninsula in Lake Superior, this well known paddling spot has a lot to offer us in the ways of scenery and dynamic conditions. This event is free to all TRAK Pilots and all are invited to participate! TRAK will be providing three square meals a day and covering the cost of camping. 

What is a Pilot Summit?

We're holding a summit for all TRAK Pilots as a way of thanking the team for all of the effort put in during the TRAK 2.0 project, and to prepare the team for success as we get into the 2.0 deliveries and Discovery Days this summer. We've never been able to host a Pilot event of this magnitude until now and we're very excited to bring the team together for this. 

What does the programming look like so far?

June 28th - the team will converge at our campground for orientation, camp and kayak set-up, an optional group paddle, and our first evening meal and fireside discussion. 

June 29th - official programming begins with familiarizing ourselves with the new TRAK 2.0 kayak by way of workshopping a mock-Discovery Day. We will take the afternoon to paddle out to either the mainland sea caves or one of the islands within striking distance of the shore. We'll finish the day with dinner and a fireside chat about the learning of the day.

June 30th - we will spend the first part of this day exploring the numerous ways to make the Pilot Program work for you, either as a professional / semi-professional, or as a hobby. We'll take the afternoon to paddle out to whichever natural feature we didn't experience the day before. Late afternoon and the fireside chat will delve into executing the public engagement event to take place the next day.

July 1st - we intend to host a public engagement event styled like a large open demonstration. Based on the turnout we can expect, Pilots will have the opportunity to spend some 1 on 1 time with interested prospects. Pilot points will be rewarded for participation in this public event, but it is not a mandatory part of the weekend programming. We will conclude our event in the afternoon, letting us take the rest of the day as free time, travel time, or to get out paddling before we celebrate the conclusion of the camp that evening. 

July 2nd - early morning pack up and shuttle back to MSP. 

What do I need for this? 

You'll need to bring the following items with you:

  • Your TRAK Kayak (we will lend you one if you don't have one)
  • Your paddling gear (PFD, paddle, drysuit/top, safety gear)
  • A tent and basic camping gear (sleeping bag, etc.)
  • Personal items (toiletries, medications)

What do the logistics look like? 

Many Pilots will need to fly into in Minneapolis - Saint Paul (MSP) airport as a starting point. TRAK will arrange a group shuttle service to and from our campground. The arrangements around this will be made workable for as many participants as possible at once, 

You're feeding us, right? 

We're providing relatively simple yet tasty and nourishing meals for the duration of our summit. TRAK encourages you to contact us with any dietary considerations you need us to facilitate and we'll ensure that you get fed!  

How do I register for the Pilot Summit?

Call or email Jason @ TRAK HQ to get your questions answered, share your thoughts, and register for the summit. 


Some details around programming and logistics may be subject to change during the initial coordination phase. The best thing you can do is share with us whether or not you would like to make it out to this event, and we'll finalize things once participants are confirmed.