September Summit


Welcome TRAK Pilots and TRAK Owners!

Your presence, participation and engagement are much appreciated and highly valued. Thank you for being a part of the September 2023 Pilot Summit and Owners gathering. We are thrilled to host you in Nanaimo BC, the home of TRAK HQ.

Our aim over the gathering and the following expedition is to strengthen our
TRAK Pilot Team and to help in elevating select skills while coming together
as a community through the Pilot summit.

The Owner’s Gathering promises skills development from getting to know your TRAK kayak to empowerment on the water through boat handling, self reliance and safety while sharing some of the TRAK community spirit. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us through the staff directory below or on our Contact Page.

Download a PDF version of this quick reference guide.



Share your TRAK Gathering experience with hashtag #TRAK and tag @trakkayaks or upload your photos and videos to share with the community!


Event Staff Directory

Know that we are here to help make your time fun and engaging during this event. Please do not hesitate to let our team know how we can help you or you might help others to get more out of this event.

VHF Working Channel 67 - Callsign TRAK HQ

Hannah Waine - Event Coordinator
(647) 643-1577



Simon Naylor - Operations
(587) 435-6313

Nolin Veillard - Managing Director
(403) 714-8644

Jason Guindon - TRAK Expert
(403) 554-8628

Hans Trupp - Program Director
(250) 927-6164


TRAK Guide Team

Rodolfo Vivanco - Guide
(778) 674 7253
VHF 67 - Callsign: Splinter

Paula Cardenas - Guide
VHF 67 - Callsign: Sureña




Saysutshun / Newcastle Island is located in Nanaimo Harbour and about a ½ mile NE of Maffeo Sutton Park. The camp ground can be reached by on the East side of Mark Bay by kayak or by the small pedestrian ferry frequently departing from Maffeo Sutton Park between 09:00 and 16:30.

Vehicle parking is available also at Maffeo Sutton Park for the duration of the events. Extra gear and valuables may be left with TRAK HQ at 102 Garner Crescent.


Ferry Service information to / from Saysutshun / Newcastle Island

Ferry Schedule for the period (Sept 16 - Oct 15, 2023)

Parking available at Maffeo Sutton Park

Saysutshun / Newcastle Island Map

Living Forest Campground Map

Camping and expedition suggested gear list



Saysutshun / Newcastle Island Map

Terrestrial Saysutshun Map

Newcastle Island Nautical Chart

Tide Table

Ferry Schedule and Contact Details


Kayaking Guides

TRAK Decision Making Triangle

TRAK Skills - Forward Stroke

TRAK Skills - Cowboy Scramble Re-entry


DeCourcy Trip Resources

Current Table - Dodds Narrows

Nautical Chart - Nanaimo (3458)

Nautical Chart - DeCourcy (3443)

Living Forest Campground Map



Trip Itinerary

Friday Sept 30

09:30 TRAK HQ Breakfast - Pilot Coffee meet and greet with Pilot Workshop
11:30 TRAK HQ Pilot gathering kick off
13:30 Transport to island base camp - Saysutshun / Newcastle Island
On water session boat set up demos and team paddle
TRAK Pilot Business Information Session
18:00 BBQ Dinner at Saysutshun / Newcastle Island campground
Sunset paddle

Saturday Sept 30

07:00 Morning Stretch / Wellness
08:00 Breakfast
Pilot Skills Segments and Training Session
11:30 Lunch
Pilot Skills Segments and Training Session
15:00 Owners Gathering Start - Welcome
18:00 TRAK Banquet - Paddler’s Ball with dinner and live entertainment

Sunday Oct 1

07:00 Morning Stretch / Wellness
08:00 Breakfast
TRAK 2.0 Orientation Session
Training Session - Assisted Rescues
11:30 Lunch
Training Session - Foundational Skills
Group Debrief
18:00 Cookout Dinner - Seamanship discussion with navigation exercise
Expedition Planning Segment



DeCourcy Island Trip Itinerary

Monday Oct 2

09:30 Depart Saysutshun / Newcastle Island
12:00 Transit Dodds Narrows
Camp - Pirate Cove DeCourcy Island

Tuesday Oct 3

Skills Segments and Training Session
Ruxton Island Tour Day Paddle
Camp - Pirate Cove DeCourcy Island

Wednesday Oct 4

Depart DeCourcy Island
Transit Dodds Narrows
Camp - Nanaimo River / Living Forest Campground
Dinner / tour debrief and closure