TRAK Experience Passport

 Your passport to adventures on the water.


☑️ Delivery lead time: 7 Days

☑️ Refund period: Unlimited

☑️ Concierge service: Included

☑️ Expedition Ready: Waterproof


How it works:

When you order your TRAK Experience Passport, you are turning intention into action. The Passport holds your trip deposit value in the form of an Adventure Visa - a unique, hand-validated acknowledgment from the TRAK Guide team.

TRAK will deliver your Passport to you right away. You will hold in your hands a ticket to adventures on the water - a gateway to intangible memories that you will keep forever.

When you receive your Passport, our TRAK Guides will provide valet service to connect with you and help you build and plan your adventures. From navigating the logistics to identifying your goals for the expedition, your TRAK Guide is at your disposal to provide concierge-like service in preparation for your trip. Some expeditions may require additional investment above the cost of your Passport, and require you to invest in specific personal equipment in advance - your Guide is experienced in navigating these concerns with clarity and integrity.

The Adventure Visa is completed by hand by your TRAK Guide and is the true source of your Passport's monetary value. The face value of the Adventure Visa works as a voucher towards any of the camps, tours, trips, and expeditions TRAK is hosting in the 2022-23 season. Your Adventure Visa will never expire and is completely refundable at any time. The Passport booklet is our gift to you and does not need to be returned if you decide to cancel. 

If you've been holding out for a way to get out of the box and back into nature, this Passport is for you. Prevent those lost deposits in a world of travel uncertainty, and take steps towards your Life Unleashed. We'll see you out there!


Extra benefits of the TRAK Experience Passport

  • Priority booking and risk-free cancellation on any 2022 - 2023 season expeditions
  • A high-quality, waterproof Passport booklet (24 pages) with completable trip logs for your adventures on the water
  • Qualifies you for an ongoing 10% discount on gear and accessories to help outfit you for your paddling and expeditions



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