The TRAK Beach Boss Bag

The TRAK Beach Boss - Your One Single Expedition Bag

 In stock & ready to ship directly from TRAK HQ in Canada.

A simple product designed to revolutionize and systematize your expedition workflow. The Beach Boss Bag is a voluminous and lightweight trunk for the transport, organization, and storage of all of your personal and expedition gear in one single, durable bag. The Beach Boss Bag has a full length rugged zipper for top loading, secure closing and easy access. The ends are equipped with wide web handles for carrying the bag across your shoulders or with a buddy paddler at each end.

The Beach Boss Bag will be the last item loaded into your boat and the first thing you unpack. This multipurpose duffle bag rolls up for stowage behind your seat for easy packing and deployment.

The trunk makes it easy to transport all of your gear in one shuttle to the tide line for convenient packing. Especially valuable for higher latitude beaches with more dynamic tides, the Beach Boss Bag makes easy work of unloading your boat quickly into one trunk for easy transport up the beach to help you get your boat quickly out of the surf zone and into safety. 

At camp, this bag is a boss to help take your organizational practice to the next level. It serves as the locker for all of the loose stuff that can get lost or blown away. The Beach Boss Bag will help your camp stay contained and storm proof for added degrees of both convenience and safety.

We use them on all of our TRAK experiences to support low impact camping practices, to help set our team up for success and look more competent while we focus on having fun and developing skills.

This trunk is the boss at the tide line and at camp for gear transport and organization. In the field it helps you perform like a pro.  At home you will be stowed for easy departure. Grab your trunk and head to the beach with the TRAK Beach Boss! 


  • 44 in / 112 cm long

    21 in / 54 cm wide

    12 in / 30 cm deep


  • 9 in / 23 cm long

    6 in / 15 cm wide

    3 in / 7 cm deep


  • 400 grams

Order directly from TRAK HQ in Canada. 

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