TRAK 2.0 - Flexhaul Backpack Harness

Flexhaul Backpack Harness

Turn your wheeled travel bag into a backpack to transport your kayak anywhere. Our unique custom-designed harness system spreads the load across your lower back and holds the kayak in the rolling bag away from your spine for optimal comfort.


  • Flexhaul Backpack Harness with padded, adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt 
  • Heavy duty carry handles top and bottom
  • Comfortable and effective hip belt system
  • Strong, light and versatile 
  • Can be used to carry other large bags without harnesses

This new Flexhaul Backpack Harness improves transport, making your TRAK 2.0 ultimately tourable. From urban jaunting to longer trips over rougher terrain, this harness system gives you flexible options to get your kayak where you want it to go. The harness folds up into a small bundle to stow in your kayak while paddling, and can even double as a kayak chair at the campsite!

It is designed to work with the TRAK 2.0 Rolling Travel Pack, but will work with a larger style rolling bag. 

In Stock. Order Now for delivery from TRAK HQ in Canada. Can receive free shipping if combined with pre-order of a TRAK 2.0 kayak. 


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