Seeker Kayak

Truly seaworthy

The tradition of paddling out into some of the most inhospitable Arctic waters with nothing but a sealskin membrane between the hunter and the icy water is timeless. Skin on frame. It’s the best way to build a kayak and the best way to paddle. ‘I can feel the waves on my thighs’ is a comment we hear a lot. Not only does it connect you to the water, it connects you to tradition. 10-15,000 years of tradition.

Of course, times have changed. Sealskin has been replaced by military-grade polyurethane (it’s tough, click to see how tough). Whalebone has been replaced with anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The whole things folds up into something the size of a golf bag. (The original kayakers probably would’ve thought of this too, it’s just that planes and hatchbacks hadn’t been invented yet.) And the result is the toughest, most portable, most flexible, most truly seaworthy kayak that’s ever been made.


Truly Portable

The Seeker ST 16 is a truly go-anywhere, go-anytime kayak. Store it in your closet, pack it in your trunk, check it on the plane and shake it out in 10 minutes or less… to be on anywater on the planet. There’s nothing like it, that combines all the advantages of a folding kayak, with the most easy set-up on the market and the durability and performance of a hard shell. TRAK makes the world’s only performance kayak that fits in a golf bag. That means we can ship a 16 foot boat in a 4 foot box to almost anywhere in the world in 3 days. You can be on the water in no time.

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Real Performance

“The first folding kayak that keeps up with a hard-shell kayak in speed and performance.”
– Canoe & Kayak magazine


The Seeker ST 16 feels solid and is durable; key parts such as the seat, foot pegs, thigh braces and cockpit coaming are of rigid construction. Three self-contained hydraulic jacks (pistons) drive pressure from the frame into the polyurethane shell providing an unparalleled level of tautness and rigidity in the skin. You’ll have the feeling of being in a hardshell but with the ability to feel the water through a membrane (like you can feel the road in a sports car) the way the original Inuit paddlers did.


Unreal Breakthrough

There’s more… We say this is the only kayak you’d need. The combination of true portability and real performance meets a breakthrough patented technology that distinguishes the Seeker ST 16 from any other boat in the world. By adjusting the pressure on the three hydraulic jacks, the TRAK kayak actually changes its shape on the water, on the fly. The shape of the hull, the relative curvature (effective length of hull in water or waterline) called rocker, can be adjusted to adapt to different conditions or paddling preferences.


This kayak has been touted as the most versatile kayak on the planet because it is an all-water kayak (much like an all-terrain vehicle). Paddle it on a river, lake or on the ocean. Go touring or traveling or recreate in your own backyard. You can have your Seeker kayak with you, wherever you go. That makes paddling spontaneous, possibly for the first time. That makes seeking possible, anytime.




16 ft

4.88 m


300 lb

136 kg

Kayak Weight:

48 lb

21.8 kg

Custom pocketed TRAK spray skirt:


Weight in Pack:

63 lb

28.6 kg

Cockpit Size:

16.5 x 31.75 in

41.9 x 80.7 cm

Beam Width:

22.50 in

57.2 cm

Water Types:

Flat water, ocean, and river (adaptable)

Pack Size:

52 x 16 x 12 in

130 x 40 x 30 cm

Storage Capacity:

50 US Gallons

190 l

Setup Time:

10 min. or less

Paddler Level:

Beginner to Expert

Deck Colors:

Deep Red, Gold, Green

Accessories Included:

1 Wheeled Travel Pack
1 Custom Pocketed TRAK Aquatherm Spray Skirt
2 Gear Floatation Dry Bags


    Set-up and Pack-up Videos



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