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TRAK TPS Hydraulic Jack - Single

The Tri-Active Performance System™ (TPS) is the engine of TRAK's patented shape-shifting kayak design. Available for purchase in our online store as a replacement (single):

  • TRAK TPS is comprised of three self-contained hydraulic jacks, located in the cockpit
  • Pulling the handle, the TPS puts tension on the skin, making its hull comparable to a hard-shell in speed and performance on the water
  • Additional pumps on the TPS allows the paddler to micro-adjust the shape of the hull to optimize it for changing wind and water conditions
  • Quick release valve on each jack releases the tension, returning the kayak to initial position (neutral)
  • Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aerocraft-grade aluminum, with a pre-application of corrosion-resistant compound