TRAK Tour - Gulf Islands Series - Lasqueti Island, BC: May 15 - 18, 2020

Come visit us on beautiful Vancouver Island as we explore one of Vancouver Islands lesser-traveled gulf islands, Lasqueti.

We’ll be meeting in Qualicum for a 4-day excursion from May 15th – 18th 2020!

  • Country:  Lasqueti Island, B.C., Canada
  • Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Skill Level: All Skills Levels

    What we're going to do

    We will be paddling approximately 20 Nautical miles of Lasquitti Island’s beautiful coastline starting from False Bay located on the south east corner of the island to Squitty Bay located on the west side of the island.

    In our TRAK kayaks we will have all of our food and camping equipment packed so that we will be completely self sufficient.

    Each night we will be camping on an island close to Lasquitti. The last two nights of our trip we will be camping close to the Jedediah Marine Park, a stunning location to paddle, here we will have the opportunity to develop skills, explore and relax!

    During our trip we are going to be developing foundational kayaking skills including hard skills such as paddling strokes and rescue techniques as well as soft skills like navigation and weather interpretation.



    Tour Itinerary

    Expedition Training Plan:

    • On the first morning our group will meet at one of our favorite local café’s as our meeting point, as we enjoy breakfast we will review our trip itinerary; as a group we’ll depart for the French Creek Marina.
    • We will catch the 0900 ferry from French Creek Marina to False Bay Marina located on Lasqueti Island
    • Once we arrive to False Bay, we will pack our boats on a nearby beach a few minutes walk away. Our instructors will introduce you to the TRAK kayaks before commencing a safety briefing prior to departure.
    • We will paddle 2.5 nautical miles (N.M) to the Fegen islands, this is plan A and will take us approximately 1 hour.
    • Once we arrive to the Fegen Islands we will prepare our camp, our instructors will conduct theoretical lessons on weather interpretation and navigation. These lessons will take approximately 30 minutes each. You will be asked to be prepared with a completed marine weather forecast for the next morning for the groups review.
    • Participants will be expected to prepare dinner for this night and each night on this trip, we will provide you with the menu plan and all necessary expedition equipment to prepare these meals, this is to promote your own competencies while on expedition, your instructors can certainly assist when needed, we are here for your growth.
    • Debrief will be for approximately 1900 we will share with you the plan for the next morning, the debrief will happen each and every night on this trip.
    • Participants will be expected to have breakfast prepared for 0630 shortly after breakfast our instructors will ask students to share their recorded weather report, as a group we will interpret the report and decide whether it is safe to paddle or not. This will be the protocol for each morning on trip.
    • Prior to departure our instructors will deliver a 30 minute lesson on how to read a nautical chart, this will prepare us for on water activities.
    • We will paddle 3.5 N.M to Jelina beach where we will have time to demonstrate and practice our different kayaking strokes; this will take us well into lunch time.
    • Your instructors will prepare lunch while you enjoy the beautiful sandy shores of Jelina beach
    • Our paddle from Jelina beach to White Rock bay will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes / 4 N.M
    • We will arrive to White rock bay at approximately 1500 where we will then have time to set up camp and run through a lesson on tarpology, we recommend students review the following knots before coming on this trip, bowline knot, reef knot, trucker's hitch, rolling hitch.
    • Dinner will be served at approximately 1900 on this night, after dinner we will debrief and assign group leaders for the mornings activities, there will be no other theoretical lessons this night.
    • On this day assigned leaders will have breakfast prepared for 0730. We will be leaving camp set-up as we will be returning later in the day.
    • Assigned leaders will organize the group and insure we that all kayaks are prepared with necessary safety equipment for a timely departure.
    • During our 2.5 N.M paddle from White rock bay to Jedediah marine park we will have participants alternate leading the group.
    • During our afternoon at Jedediah marine park your instructors will demonstrate a controlled wet exit, multiple self re-entry and assisted re-entry techniques. Participants will be required to perform these skills in controlled class 1 conditions.
    • These are required skills for a successful pass for the level 1 Paddle Canada.
    • Participants will prepare lunch on a nearby beach of our choice and after we will continue to paddle back towards camp at White rock beach.
    • Participants will prepare dinner at approximately 1900 as per usual.
    • We will debrief for 2030 and instructors will share individual feedback with you to insure you know where you stand and if you are eligible to receive your level 1 Paddle Canada certification.
    • Participants will have breakfast served at 0730
    • We will be on the water paddling by 0930 and we’ll have a 4 N.M paddle to Squitty bay
    • Participants will also have the opportunity to perform any other skill requirements that may still be required to achieve their level 1 Paddle Canada certification.
    • When we arrive to Squitty bay we will pack up our TRAK kayaks and gear and wait for our shuttle, which will arrive shortly after.
    • The shuttle will take us to the False bay pub located next the ferry terminal, this drive will take us approximately 20 minutes. During lunch your instructors will reward you with your certification. Certificates will be mailed to your address within two weeks of course completion.
    • The group will take the 1300 ferry back to French creek marina at this point we will have a shuttle vehicle return you to your hotel.

    Meet Your Guide

    Cole Sluarenko

    Hi! My name is Cole Slusarenko and I am a sea kayak guide certified with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia, as well as a Paddle Canada Instructor. I have been pursuing my passion for the sport in two ends of the globe; Vancouver Island, Canada, and the Chilean Patagonia. As a TRAK Pilot, I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of the sport to help others to gain skills and confidence on the water.


    Chelsea Josue

    “It was very exciting to be around such a culture of people and find myself on the open waters of the wild pacific coast with such an inviting and welcoming group, in these amazing high-performance kayaks. Never in my wildest dreams would those few basic skills that we learned on the first day, would progress to where we went today.”

    Chelsea Josue

    Natalie Kelly

    “That was really fun. He just broke it down… It’s funny when you have someone take the time to go through things that might be natural. He broke down the surf process into little bitty pieces that made me way more comfortable. I would have never just dove in and done that on my own.”

    Natalie Kelly

    Where we're going

    • Qualicum Beach, B.C.
    • Lasqueti Island, B.C.
    • Fegen Islands
    • White Rock Bay
    • Jedediah Marine Park
    • Squitty Bay

    What you'll learn

    On this Skills Progression Expedition we will develop our foundational sea kayaking skills relevant to a level one curriculum; this will include hard skills such as paddling strokes and rescues to more theoretical skills such as navigation and weather interpretation that will allow us to paddle safely in Class 1 waters with other paddlers who are at a similar skill level.

    • Level 1 navigation skills
    • Level 1 weather interpretation
    • Learn to read nautical charts
    • Trip planning / risk management
    • Self and assisted re-entry techniques
    • Paddling strokes

    What's included in the tour

    We'll provide everything you need once you arrive, until you leave. You may want to bring your favourite PFD and paddle, and if you have a TRAK kayak already, bring it with you and save.

    • All transportation costs, shuttle and ferry.
    • All group expedition equipment.
    • TRAK kayak for your use for the trip and all necessary kayaking safety equipment.
    • Three meals a day including hot drinks.
    • All coaching and instruction.

    Not included

    • Dry suit; this can be rented from us for $70.00 for the entire trip or you can bring your own. A dry suit is a mandatory requirement for this trip.
    • All meals outside of our expedition, breakfast on day one and lunch on day four. We recommend bringing your own special snacks (Chocolate!)
    • Personal expedition equipment, for example tent, Thermarest mattress and sleeping bag, refer to the trip packing list, you may be able to rent some of these items from us, please inquire.
    • You may be eligible for a reduced trip rate if you plan on bringing your own personal kayaking safety equipment, for example: drysuit, P.F.D (life jacket) paddle, spare paddle, pump or towline.
    • Gratuities
    May 15 - 18, 2020


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