TRAK Payment Plan Deal - Kimberly Davis - USA

Payment plan for TRAK Seeker ST 16 kayaks with included accessories.

US$500 Deposit Paid ASAP + US$500 to be paid prior to shipping, with order to include the following:

  • Seeker ST 16 Kayak - Color of Choice, with all included accessories
  • 1 Aquatherm Sea Sock - new version with box-end and clips
  • 1 MX5 Lubricant/Protectant 250 ml Refill Bottle

In addition, shipping and handling cost is FREE to ship from Canada to USA, door to door.

After two payments are received, totaling US$1,000, the products will ship via FedEx International Air Economy, with 2-day delivery, followed by the Kayak Finance Purchase Agreement.