TRAK 2.0 Origin Kayak 50% deposit ($1,950.00) - $3,899.00

This is your first deposit for the TRAK 2.0 Origin Kayak w/ included basics kit

Deposit amount: US$1,950,  balance of US$1949 due at time of shipping. 

Total price: US$3,899.00 

Your TRAK 2.0 Origin Basics Kit includes:

  • Limited Edition Rolling Travel Bag
  •  Aquatherm Custom Spray Skirt
  • Sea Sock
  • Set of 2x Standard Gear Floatation Bags
  • Basic Maintenance & Repair Kit
  • 5 year tip-to-tip warranty
  • Free shipping in US + Canada

Please confirm your colour (Earth or Olive) selection & spray skirt size with TRAK team via

Learn about the inspiration for this design here.

See Kayak Pre-Purchase Agreement for pre-order purchase terms.