TRAK 2.0 Kayak — SIGNATURE Series - Colour Choice TBD

TRAK 2.0 Kayak — SIGNATURE Series

Colour Selection :TBD in Spring of 2022.
Pricing:  US$2,964 (US$400 Full Payment Discount + US$235 customary "local" discount, for US$635 savings from MSRP).

TRAK 2.0 Kayak Kit + Included Accessories

  • TRAK 2.0 Kayak in your Signature Colour choice
  • Rolling Travel Bag
  •  TRAK Custom Spray Skirt
  •  Sea Sock
  •  Set of 2 Standard Gear Flotation Bags
  •  Basic Maintenance and Repair Kit
  •  5 Year Warranty

*Final commitment to pre-order is subject to customer decision AFTER a test paddle experience has taken place. - Reasonable extension to 90-day refund policy approved by J. Guindon.

*This kayak is pre-ordered and will be produced in Spring of 2022 and scheduled for delivery in August-September of 2022.

See Kayak Pre-Purchase Agreement for terms. Learn about our 12-Month Payment Plan



A kayak that adapts to suit any water.

TRAK is the ONLY kayak that allows you to alter the waterline and rocker for varying environments and needs. Use the same kayak to play in rough water, or to paddle efficiently for long touring. Essentially, it is a bunch of differently shaped kayaks in one. You can even adjust the rocker as you paddle!

A skin as tough as nails.

The kayak skin is a three-ply expedition-grade polyurethane material. It is one of the strongest materials that is possible to use in this application, and TRAK is the only company to construct kayaks with this robust, custom formulation. The TRAK 2.0 skin is welded using RF without requiring any gluing or sewing.

Built to unleash your water adventures.

The TRAK 2.0 assembles in 10 minutes and fits where you need it to: in your car, on your sailboat, in your RV, in your condo, on your back, on a train, or on a plane. If you want to show it off or just conveniently get it around some local spots, you can transport the TRAK set-up on a roof rack.