Discovery Weekend Camp + Kayak Package

TRAK not only builds a uniquely seaworthy skin on frame kayak, but also takes a stand for paddling skills development for our entire community. By providing accessible skills development programs at every level, we can help our community become more competent and confident on the water.

There is simply no better way to get started with TRAK. Receive your new kayak and then join us at a camp to learn all about building, customizing, and then paddling your new TRAK! These camps are beginner friendly and take a focus on setting you up for success - you’ll go from 0 to kayaking in 3 days!

Learn more about the TRAK 2.0 Ultimate Touring Kayak HERE

  • Country:  USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels

      What we're going to do

      There is something here for every paddler, and our primary goal is to help you gain the competence and confidence to make the most of paddling your new TRAK. This camp is coordinated and delivered by a team of TRAK Pilots. These folks are experts with their TRAK kayaks, and are also qualified instructors and experienced in the outdoors. They have prepared a number of skills-focused topics that you can learn about and practice:

      • Building and customizing your TRAK 2.0
      • Paddling strokes and boat control techniques
      • Kayak safety and rescues
      • Basic elements of seamanship 



      Camp Itinerary

      Our 3-Day Training Plan:

    • We will arrange transportation to our put in, Basic safety overview, TRAK assembly walkthrough, casual paddle to get warmed up,  First dinner - local fare, Fireside chat + orientation 

    • Breakfast & pack lunch preparation, Splitting into pods - pod management briefing, Rotation into the "skills stations", Dinner, Fire side chats + socialization

    • Breakfast & pack lunch preparation, Continuation + completion of skills training, Level 1 ACA sign off, Break into exploration pods - paddling & hiking, Dinner, Fire side chat 

    • Breakfast & pack lunch preparation, How to strike your camp + LNT briefing, "Pack your TRAK" lesson, Closing Ceremony + Dismissal

      Meet Your Guides

      Our very own TRAK Pilots guide your experience.

      TRAK Pilots are owner-ambassadors and avid users of their own TRAK kayaks. They know them from bow to stern, and have been trained to teach you how to become a master of your own boat.


      Chelsea Josue

      “It was very exciting to be around such a culture of people and find myself on the open waters of the wild pacific coast with such an inviting and welcoming group, in these amazing high-performance kayaks. Never in my wildest dreams would those few basic skills that we learned on the first day, would progress to where we went today.”

      Chelsea Josue

      Natalie Kelly

      “That was really fun. He just broke it down… It’s funny when you have someone take the time to go through things that might be natural. He broke down the surf process into little bitty pieces that made me way more comfortable. I would have never just dove in and done that on my own.”

      Natalie Kelly

      Where they're being hosted: (select Discovery Weekend Camp below and find GREEN dots). Check the map to view locations, make your purchase, and the TRAK Team will contact you to arrange location details.

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      What's included in this package

      We'll provide everything you need once you arrive, until you leave. You may want to bring your favourite PFD and paddle, and if you have a TRAK kayak already, bring it with you and save.

              • A TRAK 2.0 kayak, delivered prior to the camp
              • Campsite Accommodation
              • Three meals a day including hot drinks + snacks
              • Skills-training equipment & materials
              • All coaching and instruction
              • ACA Level - 1 Certificate (Optional)

        Not included

              • Transport to and from the camp
              • Basic paddling gear (Paddle, PFD, Bilge Pump, Paddle Float, etc.)
              • Personal expedition equipment, for example tent, Thermarest mattress and sleeping bag- you will be provided with a suggested gear list, and, you may be able to rent / borrow some of these items from us.
              • Gratuities
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