Meet the TRAK Team

If you have questions or ideas, call us anytime. Our emails are below. Please feel free to reach out to any of us directly, and spark a conversation.

Nolin Veillard, Founder & Managing Director

Nolin’s passion for TRAK has spanned more than a decade. He has pursued the company’s success relentlessly, including being a core part of the group that refined a hand-built prototype into a shape-shifting kayak that can now be found across the globe. Nolin has navigated challenges along the way with the support of his amazing family and team. Coming from a more “conventional” career as a Chartered Accountant, his commitment to TRAK stems from a strong feeling of gratitude for being behind a product that gives the TRAK community a series of adventures that may not have been possible for them before. He is delighted to be leading the charge for the TRAK 2.0 era.

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Lloyd Penner, Product Development Manager

In 2010, Lloyd started consulting to TRAK and has since proven to be instrumental in all aspects of product design and manufacturing support. Lloyd loves to create, launching a career as a machinist and supporter of inventors getting their products to market. His faith, family and love of creation provide him with the stability he needs, so he can seek ways to make TRAK products more dependable. His aim is to help deliver products that function seamlessly and behind the scenes, freeing our customers to immerse themselves fully in the amazing experience that’s possible in a TRAK.

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Jason Guindon, Operations & Pilot Program Manager

When Jason first walked through the door of TRAK in 2015, we knew he had the makings of a strong TRAK team member. He brings a powerful trio of strengths to TRAK everyday; an accountable and service-oriented mentality, intelligence, and youthful perspective and acumen. Jason is responsible for TRAK operations, and has taken on the lead role with the TRAK Pilot and Owner Ambassador programs. He has a thirst for music, authentic travel, outdoor pursuits, including kayaking of course!

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Jaime Sharp, Lead TRAK Pilot and Product Design

Since joining us in 2010, Jaime’s been testing our products and pushing the limits of what’s considered possible with a TRAK. He’s paddled his TRAK in more than a dozen countries, while filming and creating The TRAK Files video series. Recently, Jaime has been a key player in establishing the vision for TRAK 2.0. He has worked as an adventure guide in several countries including Panama, Belize, Antarctica, Norway and Canada, using sea kayaks to explore the wilderness. Jaime grew up in New Zealand and enjoys meeting adventurers around the world. A great speaker and storyteller, he’s contributed remarkable original media and stories of unleashed paddling adventures. Jaime is excited to continue to push the TRAK 2.0 to its limits! 

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