TRAK in Seattle

The performance sea kayak you store in your closet

(and take up the elevator).

The Seeker is a 16-foot performance sea kayak that is packable and portable.

Last summer, our kayaks paddled some of the best sea kayaking destinations throughout Washington State: the San Juan Islands, Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound.

TRAK has partnered with Outdoor Project to help you discover water adventures in a vehicle that goes from WA to wherever in the world. There's water.   



Meet Matthew, our TRAK ambassador on the water in Seattle.


"I've called the mountains, rivers, and waterways surrounding Seattle home for the last seven years and am excited to share my passion for exploration with other kayakers.  Working in conjunction with TRAK and Outdoor Project has allowed me to explore the intricate waterways of the Puget Sound and really experience why the TRAK is such a great fit for such a variety of paddlers of all skill levels." – Matthew Williams

Matthew calls Seattle home and he's a TRAK Pilot (an ambassador who guides the way and shares the experience of paddling a TRAK). His adventures are featured on Outdoor Project’s platform - he used a TRAK in 25 regional WA paddle trips. An experienced white water kayaker with a passion for all things outdoors, he now loves sea kayaking the shores of the Pacific Northwest. He’s a freelance professional photographer who’s been published in the New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, The Washington Post and online.

Connect for a coffee, a chat about our kayak or a paddle in it - Matthew speaks TRAK in Seattle.



TRAK’s new home in Seattle has super-friendly, expert staff.


"We’re committed to environmental preservation and restoration. We believe the best way to encourage others to advocate for natural and special aquatic places and wildlife is first-hand experience. We make special places accessible through leadership, skill development, excellent equipment and a deep and caring passion for the Great Northwest." – Steve Jones, Cascade Paddlesports

Steve and Katie figured the TRAK was the only “folding” kayak on the market worth selling in their store. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or just starting out, Cascade is your local Seattle paddle sports store. Since 1997, they’ve been a leading provider of high quality and great value, as well as lessons, trips and fitness and racing programs. Steve is a certified advanced instructor and trainer who’s paddled every kind of water that the diverse and dynamic Puget Sound offers.

You’ll find everything you need here…  and you’ll find TRAK.




Put this high-performance kayak to the test.


"The TRAK Seeker ST 16 is the first and only folding kayak that paddles like a hard shell… the lines of the ST 16 make it a sleek, fast kayak, and maneuverable kayak to begin with… other folding kayaks feel more like a canoe or recreation kayak. If you're serious about getting a folding kayak, you've got to try paddling the ST 16." – George and Barb Gronseth

George and Barb are long-time TRAK paddlers and enthusiasts. They figured that the TRAK was the best surf kayak available on the market and that it surpasses any kayak (including hard shells) in performance. Here’s where you can test that out – remember to ask for a TRAK.

Since 1991, the Kayak Academy has been serving the need for lessons that exceed industry standards. If you appreciate the value of an outstanding instructor and small class size, then the Kayak Academy is for you. If you’re ready to upgrade your sea kayak skills, from safety and rescues to planning trips and navigation, they'll take you out of the classroom and build your confidence and freedom on the water. 



We partnered with Outdoor Project because our mission is Life Unleashed. We make a kayak to serve that and OP opens the doors to the adventures available.

"TRAK Kayaks are really the only high-performance collapsible kayaks on the market. They're perfect for those living in urban areas where open waters are endless and space for storing a 16-foot boat is limited. As a stowable, portable boat, TRAK's kayaks can pack down to be stored in a closet or thrown in the trunk of a car (no roof rack needed), and they assemble in less than 15 minutes." – Outdoor Project

The Seeker is packable, portable, performance. We'll get you out on any water, anytime, anywhere. Pack our yaks across town or the around world. We help adventure paddlers get into areas you can't pack a hard shell to. We’ve helped explorers and environmentalists get into some of the most remote areas around the world to protect fragile ecosystems and indigenous cultures. At TRAK, seeking is the spirit of adventure on the water.

Check-out 50 adventures we’ve sponsored to help open up water adventures in the Seattle and Washington State. You’ll find custom Field Guides + Maps for each adventure!



TRAK has been manufacturing portable performance kayaks since 2006 in service of our mission: building a vehicle to transform paddling adventures.


"We make a great kayak: “...truly the only boat you need.” Its ability to change shape gives access to paddling almost anywhere in the world, on any water. Our customers share epic journeys, from the Amazon to Mongolia… Help us get the word out and bring new fans in. This is one company where you can talk to a real person! Call me or call anyone on our team." – Nolin Veillard, Managing Director, TRAK Kayaks

Our story goes back thousands of years, to the original skin-on-frame technology of the indigenous first peoples in the Arctic. The TRAK Seeker is based on the indigenous Greenland design but replaces skin on bone with a modern tough-as-nails polyurethane fabric and a hi-tech aerospace aluminum frame. We say this is the only kayak you’d need.


The combination of true portability and real performance meets a breakthrough patented technology that distinguishes the Seeker ST 16 from any other boat in the world. Ask us how we did it!