Discovery Days for Skill Progression

Whether the TRAK is your first kayak or your tenth kayak, a Pilot-led discovery day will provide you with the tools you need to gain mastery over your new kayak, and the put you on the path for development as a paddler. TRAK Pilots will walk you through all of the tips, tricks, and best practices in setting up your TRAK, customizing and outfitting, tear down, and maintenance. We’ll transmit this knowledge within a framework that encourages skills progression both at a beginner and advanced level..

Get a Test Paddle

Selecting your kayak is a big decision, as the vessel you select will be carrying you to new places for many years. A tangible, noncommittal paddle with a TRAK Pilot is one of the best ways to get your first experience with us. Pilots are knowledgeable, experienced, and are part of our team because they are passionate about where our kayaks have taken them. Browse their pages or use our search function to find a Pilot near you.