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ACA Pro-Deal: 20% OFF 

A Warm Welcome to all American Canoe Association Instructor Members!

TRAK is pleased to welcome you with a 20% discount (use ACA20% coupon code) on new kayaks (and accessories included with a kayak purchase) with our Pro-Deal launched in 2016.

The TRAK Seeker ST 16 portable performance kayak is the ideal portable kayak for the skilled and adventurous paddler:

  • Tough, rigid, rugged and durable - rocks, surf, and big water capable
  • Stores easily, in your closet and your trunk - take it with you anywhere!
  • Sets up easily - 10 to 15 minutes from its rolling, travel bag to water
  • Looks and paddles like a hardshell, with great handling, edging and turning (watch video below)

Here at TRAK, we applaud ACA's collective efforts to promote and grow paddlesports since 1880. We've only been around 10 of those years, but when it comes to paddling, we have longstanding common interests. And we feel we're just getting started! 

As instructors, we know many of you might have a "quiver" of kayaks to handle different water conditions, and tour and play requirements. We also know that if you paddle a folding boat, you want it to perform like a hardshell! The TRAK Seeker ST 16 will be the portable, packable sea kayak in your quiver that won't compromise performance: 

“Keeps up with a hard-shell kayak in speed and performance.” 

The Seeker is built with an uncompromising quality of materials for extreme durability and structural integrity. It feels solid and is durable. You’ll have the feeling of being in a hardshell but with the ability to feel the water through a membrane and... you can take it with you!

Watch this great test of the TRAK surfing the famous Skookumchuck standing wave along the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada. The TRAK portable performance kayak is tested and paddled by Jaime Sharp and Warren Williamson, alongside its equivalent hardshell cousins. This is after a 10-15 minute set-up from its travel bag. Yes, we said it:  it's tough and durable, it paddles like a hardshell and it's easy to set-up. 


This is a finely crafted, highly durable performance sea kayak made of tough-as-nails polyurethane fabric on an aerospace aluminum frame. Our kayaks have helped explorers and environmentalists get into some of the most remote areas around world to seek out new travel experiences or to preserve pristine wilderness. 

Here's how TRAK kayaks helped the Sitka Conservation Society preserve wilderness areas in the Tongass, Alaska: 

And here's how we supported ocean water clean-up efforts by partnering with the charity OSOM on Earth Day!


What We're Building and How This Could Involve You

At TRAK, we are a small company, but we're building an amazing global community of mobile paddlers. We have just launched our TRAK Pilot Program, and are looking to grow our TRAK Pilot community, and are looking for support and rewarded participation from ACA instructors in building the program and the global community. We are committed to encourage safety and build skills in outfitting, navigation, rescues and also encourage participation in environmental stewardship and water conservation initiatives.

Maybe you want to connect with some of our TRAK Pilots - they are mobile global TRAK ambassador agents with more advanced paddling or touring experience, some of whom are certified instructors. You may even be inspired to join the wave and paddle with us:

1. START HERE to learn more about the TRAK ST 16, a unique portable, packable performance kayak that we have manufactured since 2006. Explore our website, videos, and links to kayak reviews. Also, Google the TRAK and do your own research on what paddlers have experienced.

2. START HERE if you want to find a TRAK through our network of TRAK Pilots and Dealers or if you simply want to directly request a test paddle.

3. START HERE if you've already checked us out and you're ready to purchase a Seeker ST 16 and save $600. Your order will ship within one week, and will be delivered to your door anywhere in the continental USA for free! Please use Discount Code ACA20% * and don't hesitate to contact us or give us a call with any questions!

* Before your kayak ships, you will be asked to verify your valid ACA instructor member number. 

If you're interested to know more about what we're building and if it appeals to you, read our recent blog: PILOTING, One of the World's Oldest Professions?