Original Inuit Kayak Carving w/ Harpoon and Paddle

Original stone carving of a kayak by the hands of Inuit artist, Iziasie Kopalie of Iqaluit, Nunavut. This artist has been commissioned by TRAK to hand craft these beautiful pieces, paying homage to the origin of our kayaks. Our kayak is a skin-on-frame kayak, inspired by early kayaks in the Eastern and Western Arctic of Canada's north.

Each hand-carved sculpture (10" or 25 cm long) is accompanied by a profile of the artist and an Igloo Tag, which guarantees its authenticity and certifies that the piece was handmade by Inuit artists in Canada. The igloo symbol is registered by the Government of Canada and can only be attached to original Inuit sculptures and art from northern Canada.

Nov 2018 Update: We are currently sold out, and working on contacting the artist to commission more sculptures. Let us know if you're interested in these fine pieces!

Canadian Arctic Producers