The TRAK Fly

The TRAK Fly - The Versatile Shelter

In stock & ready to ship directly from TRAK HQ in Canada.

Upgrading your beach experience with this essential shelter can make all the difference in the vibe of any group. The versatility of this design allows for protection from the coastal elements of rain, wind and sun which provides an added degree of comfort and safety.

Made from expedition weight coated nylon, The TRAK Fly is a well formed shelter built to last. It is equipped with sturdy machine pressed bronze grommets in the corners and along the sides. The ridgeline tabs are reinforced. The fly has plenty of guy line attachment points to allow for a variety of configurations.

When you are not sea kayaking, the TRAK Fly is the perfect car camping accessory. It pitches well over picnic tables and off of the hatchback. The fly is pitched as easily on the beach as in the forest.

The TRAK Fly includes a length of p-cord for guy line rigging as an option. Depending on your set up, additional line may be required. We recommend Nylon paracord type III with a diameter of approximately 5/32 Inches and features a durable 7-strand core. 



  • Sleeps 2-6



  • 16 in / 40 cm long
  • 6 in / 15 cm diameter



  • 16” long

  • 7 “ wide

  • 4” high


Tips for setting up your TRAK Fly:


Two simple hitches really help to make setting your TRAK fly easy and fun:

The TRAKkers hitch a simple line manipulation that is easy and fast to tie. The 3:1 pull ratio provides a slight mechanical advantage for making a taught system. It is adjustable and releasable under load.

A clove hitch is another simple manipulation that anchors a line in place under load around an object like a pole or paddle shaft.

  1. Set the ridge line taught with a clove hitch around a beach combed stick or a paddle or tarp pole at the desired height and secure around and anchor with a truckers hitch.
  2. Tie out the 2 corners of each end with equal tension and at about 120 degrees off of either of the tarp edges.
  3. Trim out the shape with any other attachment point for your desired function and form.

From the school tarpology that describes the many applications of a well designed tarp, these are a few common tarpological terms to understand a few uses of the TRAK fly:

The Vestipool - 5x your vestibule by placing the TRAK fly over your tents and fly. Great for extended trips in areas like Prince Williams Sound or South East Alaska. This setup is also appreciated in Chilean Patagonia. In these areas we carry a fly for each tent plus a gally fly.

The Gallinator -  The fly set up pitched with efficient workspace and social interaction in mind. This is the application of the dedicated galley fly where meals are prepared and hot drinks served. 

The High Liner - Flung for maximum shade and cross breeze with special consideration for views of the sea. Keep the TRAK fly accessible for quick pitching at most beach breaks. We love this one on our Baja trips and discovered that it was great for siestas. 

The Windbreak - set with taught lines and secure anchors, orient a low side directly into the wind and low to the ground. 

The Low Rider - For those times that the rain is blowing sideways and the fly is your only shelter. Tie this one low to the ground and occupy it in the reclined position.

The Veranda -  A classic set up. Elevate the center of the one side for a picture perfect window the activity of the sea.



Order directly from TRAK HQ in Canada. 

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