'Inuksuk' Carbon Fibre 2pc Paddle

In stock & ready to ship directly from TRAK HQ in Canada.

The 'Inuksuk' Carbon Fibre Paddle by Kajak Sport is among the finest West Greenland style paddles available. 

• Handcrafted in Finland
• Carbon fiber construction
• Quiet and precise in every stroke
• Comfortable to use thanks to the smooth, well-finished seamless edges 
• Tough but light core construction with redesigned blade profile, making it more efficient without fibrillation. 
• Higher, yet stable traction for maintaining good cruising speed.
• Split construction with 13 cm length adjustment (215 - 228 cm) which should fit all paddlers with different styles of kayaks
• External locking system
• Matt finish makes it look and feel stunning
• Oval loom provides a very good grip
• Weight: 770 g
• Width: 95.00 mm
• Material: Carbon

Pair this excellent paddle with your Greenland-inspired TRAK 2.0 or one of your other favourite kayaks.

In Stock: these beautiful paddles are here and ready to ship. 

Visit Kajak Sport here.

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