Rough Water Thigh Braces

Rough Water Thigh Braces (set of 2)

Outfit your TRAK for fit and control with the TRAK 2.0 - Rough Water Thigh Braces


  • Removable and adjustable thigh braces have almost double the surface area of the standard thigh braces, to improve control and bracing (for TRAK 2.0 | needs alteration for earlier TRAK models)
  • Extra row of adjustability options, to improve customization
  • More surface on the back edge of the brace, to improve rolling capability

For the TRAK 2.0 project, we requested feedback from hundreds of TRAK owners, and with that feedback, we designed, developed and refined our Rough Water Thigh Braces to improve control and performance. Many top paddlers referred to these as "game changers" for handling and rough water capability.

Note:  Orders received in September 2018 will be produced in October, and delivered in November or early December, depending upon location.

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