Passions: Environmental Awareness, Human Rights, Community Development
Home Base: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Previous Paddling Destinations: Australia: East coast estuaries, Northern Territory tropical wetland, Western Australia in Lake Argyle in the Kimberley ranges, South Australia in the Murray River and the Jervis Bay Australian Capital Territory
Planned Destinations: New Zealand, Tasmania, Pacific Islands and East Timor
Area of Expertise: Customizing his TRAK
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, Australian, some Spanish and French 

Zephyr has been kayaking since he was in his teens. Two and a half years ago he bought his first kayak – he picked up his TRAK from a dealership in Sydney, Australia and jumped on the train to bring it home. Zephyr loves that in his TRAK he can paddle twice as far because he doesn’t need to return to his put-in spot. He enjoys the calmness of being on the water and believes that whatever gets you on the water tends to make you happier. Zephyr likes the skin on frame and what makes this kayak unique is the simplicity in the design and his experience of feeling the rippling waves through the skin as he paddles. This kayak is light and maneuverable and Zephyr has worked out the trick to getting to the front of the line at airports, but you will need to ask him for the details!