Passions: Exploring, Photography, World History, Indigenous Cultures
Home Base: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: Brazilian coastline and the Amazon rainforest, Italian coastline including Sicily, Tokyo harbor, Chile, Argentina, the East Coast of the US, Canada
Planned Destinations: Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Iceland and Greenland
Area of Expertise: Folding kayaks, Greenland paddling, Expedition kayaking
Kayaking Experience: Advanced - Level 3 ACA Instructor
Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, some Spanish and Italian

Retired from the airline industry, Paul has created a business model out of his passions. He manufactures carbon fiber Greenland paddles and leads tours and expeditions in the Amazon rain forest with his TRAK kayaks. He takes advantage of these expeditions to learn from and photograph the indigenous peoples in the regions and is actively pursuing explorations in other jungles around the world. Paul is very knowledgeable about folding kayaks, having built his own and having owned and tested just about everything out there. An ACA level 3 coastal kayaking instructor, Paul has taken advantage of the portability of the TRAK to visit many different parts of the world, and can share with you details of why he chose the TRAK kayaks not only for himself but for his tours. Passionate about kayaking and travel, Paul is a true fan!