Passions: Enjoying the simplicity of the outdoors, Conserving nature, “leave no trace” approach, History and Heritage in paddling, Hiking
Home Base: Berlin, Germany
Previous Paddling Destinations: Rivers and lakes reaching from Berlin to the Baltic Sea
Planned Destinations: Barcelona, Hamburg, Scotland, and the UK (and “dream trips” to Clayoquot Sound, BC, Queen Charlotte Islands and Ontario’s Great Lakes)
Area of Expertise: Folding kayaks, Freshwater paddling, and Navigating forests, lakes and rivers
Kayaking Experience: Experienced fresh water paddler (plans to get ocean and open water training as well)
Languages Spoken: German and English

Sascha comes from a heritage of folding kayaks and paddling in Germany and in family lineage. His grandparents paddled folding kayaks in the 1930’s, and his father was also an avid paddler. Being drawn to skin-on-frame kayaks and the intuitive feel on the water, Sascha owned another brand of folding kayak several years ago, but sold it as his lifestyle changed and he started to work as business trainer and coach. Recently, he got the idea to combine his ever so fresh passion for kayaking with his profession – taking his coachees out on kayaking trips to experience the soothing effect of paddling and to learn new communication skills at the same time.
He discovered the TRAK as the perfect boat for that purpose. As Sascha describes, “I love the portability of the Seeker and that I can just grab my bag, jump on a train, put the boat together in no-time, and just concentrate on my coachees. The kayak has enough volume for plenty of gear, is fast yet comfortable, and keeping up with doubles is no trouble at all!” Connect with Sascha, and get the benefit of his generational knowledge of folding kayaks!