Rodolfo Vivanco

August 12, 2022

Rodolfo Vivanco


Rodolfo was working his life away, time passing him by, and wondering how to pursue a more fulfilling life. As a sound engineer in the Santiago film industry, Roldofo had both the tools and the talent to produce art that could shift perspectives, but he was lacking the subject - then. Rodolfo discovered sea kayaking. 

“This is what I am going to do now”, Rodolfo oathed after his first kayaking experience. He quit his job, downsized his possessions, and went South - all the way South! Rodolfo now resides in the Patagonia region, guiding and instructing as a kayaker in the renown paddling region. Rodolfo chose the TRAK 2.0 because of its portability, performance, and its beauty, and paddles his TRAK in bucket list settings regularly. 

Rodolfo spent the summer of 2022 on Vancouver Island with the TRAK team, lending his immense energy as a key contributor to various projects on and off the water. Enjoying the Pacific Northwest has influenced Rodolfo and his paddling immensely, and he used the opportunity to progress his skills as an instructor and guide. Some of the fruits of his creative produce are viewable below - take a moment, stop for a second, and “become an explorer again”!