Passions: Travel, Photography, Exploring the world
Home Base: Whistler, BC, Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: Australia, Mexico, Iceland, Greenland, Quebec, Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia
Planned Destinations: The World
Area of Expertise: Social Media, Self-supported wilderness travel, Photography, Videography
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Wolof

Roberto and Cherine ("Bella") are members of our extended family and part of the TRAK Adventure Team. They have travelled all the worlds’ continents and brought their TRAK kayaks on many of their adventures. The Expeditioners have built an unconventional lifestyle and a business around their photography as they test gear for top manufacturers on outback, off the grid travel. The couple has tested their kayaks in some of the most extreme conditions; this is a true testament to what TRAK offers global explorers. Roberto enjoys packing his 16’ wonder kayak wherever in the world water may be, and Bella paddles keenly on the journey they share. Follow the Expeditioners as they take on their next project. They inspire followers and fulfill bucket list destinations through their amazing way of life!