Passions: Photography, Outdoor adventures, Hiking, Paragliding, Exploring new horizons
Home Base: Bulle - Geneva/Lausanne area, Switzerland
Previous Paddling Destinations: Switzerland, Italy (Venice and Sardinia)
Planned Destinations: Dream trip to paddle from Sardinia to Corsica, Croatia, Norwegian Fjords
Area of Expertise: Flatwater paddling, Fitness training
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate (self-taught)
Languages Spoken: French, English, Bulgarian, some German and Russian

Peter lives in the middle of Switzerland and jokes that he’s nowhere near the sea! But he takes his TRAK everywhere – lakes, rocky beaches, rivers, adventure destinations – and uses it anytime – before work, after work, weekends: “I would use it even in my bathtub if it would fit.” Peter’s most memorable trip was to Venice, 6 hours away, and with TRAK in trunk, he was soon racing gondolas down the Grand Canal. In fact, tourists repointed their cameras away from family and friends to capture the spectacle of a kayak in the canal. The TRAK’s hardshell-equivalent speed really attracted this Pilot and he trains for racing marathons, most recently a 70 km paddle across Lake Geneva. For Peter, it is all about freedom and flexibility - he keeps his TRAK in the trunk all the time now.