Passions: Flying a Helicopter, Travelling and Exploring the World, Photography
Home Base: Schagen, Netherlands (North Holland, 1 hour from Amsterdam)
Previous Paddling Destinations: The many canals and waterways of North Holland, South of France, UK
Planned Destinations: Sweden, South France, Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Area of Expertise: Short tripping (1-3 days)
Kayaking Experience: Novice to Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, Danish and some Dutch

Adventurer, family man and keen photographer Lee Harris, who is originally from the UK, and his wife, originally from Denmark, are busy people. They are both helicopter pilots, and love to fly! They also have an active and adventurous young family. Like many, he sought out ways to integrate kayaking into his very full professional and personal life. Enter the TRAK kayak. Lee says that the TRAK kayak is “real-world usable”. He goes on by saying “Due to its portability, rapid set up and pack down combined with its hardshell-like performance, my TRAK simply facilitates me paddling when it would otherwise not be possible. For me, like other non-professional paddlers, kayaking must fit around my family and professional life. Being able to put my TRAK in the car and fit paddling into a normal day is a game-changer”. Lee likes that he has the possibility to take opportunities to experience a great moment and to get away from the “normal” routines. So take an opportunity to meet Lee; he enjoys meeting great people and sharing his experiences with wondering minds!