Passions: Nature, Photography, Fly Fishing, Hockey, Skiing, Backpacking & of course Adventure Paddling!
Home Base: Calgary, AB, Canada
Previous Paddling Destinations: The Canadian Rockies beautiful rivers and lakes, Haida Gwaii archipelago, Vancouver Island's many amazing paddles, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama and Baja Peninsula, Mexico.
Planned Destinations: Rio San Juan, Cuba circumnavigation 
Area of Expertise: Guiding, Safety and Wisecracks
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

“A bad day of paddling is better than a good day at work!” Truer words are seldom said; Keith’s motto speaks to most paddlers. Keith, who spent many years as a paramedic, knows how important it is for us to take a step back from the mundanity and minutiae of our “conventional” lives and unleash ourselves into the world. He skillfully took the lead at TRAK’s 10 year anniversary event, guiding other TRAK owners on two days of exciting kayaking. Keith, who has been paddling his TRAK kayaks since the company’s early days and has never looked back, is looking forward to net-working with people who share his passion for paddling.