Passions: Climate action (which he calls "survival"), social justice, paddling 
Home Base: Sydney, Australia
Previous Paddling Destinations: Kauai, Hawaii, Franklin-Gordon Rivers Tasmania, Gold Coast Queensland
Planned Destinations: Sibuyan and Palawan, Philippines
Area of Expertise: "TRAK Only" tripping
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: English, some French and Mandarin

Jonathan's earliest paddling memories are of holidays mucking around in the family canoe with a home-made child-sized paddle. In his university days, he was lucky to join a whitewater club trip on the famous Shotover River in New Zealand and even luckier to avoind being mown down by a tourist jetboat  after capsizing in the final moments of the trip. 

His passion for kayaking was rekindled when his wife gave him a tandem kayak on his 40th birthday. He picked up a TRAK before taking it to Hawaii and has never looked back. Jon is passionate about his local "TRAK only" trips, where he'll wheel his TRAK down to Gymea Bay and paddle out to the ocean - sometimes for an afternoon, sometimes for days. A strict adherent to "leave no trace philosophy", Jonathan appreciates what he calls the "psychotic massage" of the ocean beneath his hull.