Passions: Paddling (25 years), Outdoor advocate, Paddling, Hiking, Backpacking
Home Base: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Previous Paddling Destinations: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Barrier Islands, Mississippi River, Rio de Janeiro area
Planned Destinations: Brazil - lagoons and coastal areas
Area of Expertise: Greenland blade / Inuit-inspired paddler
Kayaking Experience: Advanced, Level 3 BCU Coach, ACA Coach
Languages Spoken: English, French, some Portuguese 

Jeff just loves getting people on the water, and then watching their smiles and listening to their stories. He’s the proud father of twin daughters. He loves kayaking (25 years of it), founded the kayaking club in St. Louis, MO about 15 years ago and just recently moved to Brazil. His most memorable experience was surfing the open ocean just west of Rio. For Jeff, the TRAK provided the “freedom to travel to remote locations with an excellent kayak that has the same characteristics you would expect from a rigid kayak.” As a Pilot, he’s relishing the opportunity to share the passion and exhilaration of paddling with others.