Passions: Travel, Adventure, Mountain biking, Multi-sport junkie
Home Base: Hilton, New York, USA
Previous Paddling Destinations: Great Lakes, Adirondacks
Planned Destinations: World
Area of Expertise: Packing gear for travel, Kayaking, Multi-day trips
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish

 Jeff has been kayaking for 14 years and paddling his TRAK kayaks for 5. He’s taught classes in flat water, multi-day/week outings and white water. Jeff is a photographer and enjoys the portability of his TRAK. He enjoys having the accessibility it provides on any road trip he takes and feels comfort in knowing that he can use his kayak at the drop of a hat while keeping it safely locked up in his vehicle as he takes on other adventures. Jeff enjoys showing them off as he unfolds them on the beach. Get out there and explore the TRAK with Jeff, he’s got some amazing stories to tell!