Passions: Sailing, Kayaking, Textile, Leather crafting
Home Base: Ingolstadt, Germany
Previous Paddling Destinations: Baltic Sea, North Sea, Adriatic Sea (Croatia), Danube River
Planned Destinations: Philippines, Croatia, North Russia - White Sea
Area of Expertise: Creative Engineer, Improving things
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate
Languages Spoken: German, English, French, Italian, some Spanish and Russian

Gregor has been paddling his TRAK since 2014, when he met our team at an event in Germany. Since then he has quickly discovered the freedom of leaving his work behind to go on paddling adventures. As an engineer with a young family, Gregor loves the technical features of the TRAK and the idea of taking it wherever he wants. He has travelled north and south and plans to travel overseas with his TRAK soon. This Pilot wants to share his enjoyment of the TRAK with others and find like-minded people to build a team for future expeditions. If you are looking for an adventure or you would like to chat about the technical features: Gregor is the Pilot you need to meet!