Passions: Canoe and Kayak Polo, Racing, Paddle Instruction
Home Base: Hangzhou, China
Previous Paddling Destinations: Eastern China, Canada
Planned Destinations: The World
Area of Expertise: Teaching Kids, Kayak Sports
Kayaking Experience: Advanced/Professional
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin

Ge Wu fell in love with paddling when he was attending university in Canada, joining the school canoe polo team – a sport that he still frequently engages in. Ge now teaches kids how to kayak and does adult instruction out of a local school in Hangzhou and loves every minute of it. Ge’s TRAK Kayak allows him to travel China with ease and ensures that he is always instructing from a unique boat that he is used to and enjoys paddling. Contact Ge if you’re in the Hangzhou – Shanghai area if you’d like to see what a TRAK can do in the hands of a pro!