Passions: Long-distance cycling trips, Sea kayaking, Swimming, Energy efficiency, the Environment
Home Base: Salford, UK
Previous Paddling Destinations: Sweden, UK and his backyard - Anglesey
Planned Destinations: Sweden, some of the islands in the Mediterranean (Menorca, Mallorca, parts of Italy and Greece)
Area of Expertise: Long-distance camping trips (1-2 weeks)
Kayaking Experience: Intermediate / Advanced, Level 3 BCU
Languages Spoken: English, French, Swedish

Eric has been paddling his TRAK since 2012 and boast about its portability and stow-ability; even without a car or a garage, he can own a kayak! Eric has been getting to places he didn’t think he would, places few others get to see. He enjoys vast, open windswept places and his TRAK kayak helps him get there. This paddler enjoys connecting with other kayakers and being part of the community. If you’re in the UK and you would like to speak to someone about the practicality of a TRAK, you need to meet Eric!