Passions: Adventuring, Kayak Racing, Cycling 
Home Base: Madrid, Spain
Previous Paddling Destinations: Mallorca, Balarque, Corsica
Planned Destinations: Alaska, New Zealand, Norway
Area of Expertise: Trip Documentation
Kayaking Experience: Advanced
Languages Spoken: Spanish, Italian, French, English

Ambitious and dedicated to adventure, Antonio loves that touring with a TRAK can get you anywhere. Antonio spends a good chunk of his time in the great outdoors and is always planning for his next big expedition; in his beloved Spain or somewhere farther afield. Antonio and his adventure partner and Pilot comrade, Daniel De La Puente, are great at documenting their outdoor escapades; sharing the amazing sights they encounter and posting them to their “A Kayak In My Pack” blog for the world to see. Ask him about his adventures for some touring inspiration of your own!